Two days of Full Immersion training to achieve the MikroTik MTCNA and MTCRE certifications.
The training will be held in “Hotel Porta“.
Indispensable requirement will be MikroTik experience and networking in general.

The MTCNA course is aimed to WISP, internet service provider, network system and system integrators to learn about the MikroTik RouterOS system.
The MTCNA Certification is the foundation of the MikroTik Official Formative Training System and is essential for access to rehearsal and specialization courses.

The MTCRE Certification is aimed to WISP, Internet Service Provider, Network System Providers and System Integrators to know in-depth routing, in particular OSPF, on MikroTik RouterOS. The MTCRE Certification is also a requirement for access to the MTCINE Certification Course – MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer. ATTENTION: In order to participate in the MTCRE course, it is essential that you already have the MTCNA Certification.
At the end of each course, each participant will be able to do the one-hour certification exam (English quiz) at the MikroTik Training Server.
Only upon passing the exam will it be possible to obtain the Certificate.

Price: 550 EUR
Trainer: Alejandro Pablo Falà
Language: English

The course fee does not include travel, accommodation, meals or anything not mentioned above.

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