Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer AI-9

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Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer AI-9

Six-motor, fiber core alignment automatic fiber welding machine, with optical power, red light detection function. Industrial quad-core CPU, fast running speed, 5 seconds fast welding, 15 seconds fast heating, 5 inches high resolution LCD screen, 300 times magnification; The working efficiency is 50% higher than that of ordinary welding machine. Large-capacity lithium battery can be heated by fusion of about 260 cores, high altitude, desert, extremely cold and other harsh environment performance is still outstanding.

Fiber optic type: Multi-Mode (MM) – G.651, Single-Mode (SM) – G.652 & G.657, Single-Mode (DS / NZDS) Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (G.655)
Cladding diameter: 80 – 150 µm
Outer coating diameter: 0.1 – 1 mm
Fiber cleaved length: 16 mm
Orientation technology: core alignment, cladding alignment, manual
Display: 5.1 ” LCD,  800 x 480 pixels
Average fusion loss: 0.01 dB (MM), 0.025 dB (SM), 0.04 dB (DS / NZDS)
Average fusion time: 5 s
Average heat time: 15 s
Power supply: 13.5 V DC / 4.8 A (power adapter included)
Battery power supply: 11 V DC Li-Ion battery, 7800 mAh
Electrodes lifetime: 3000 fusions
Operation temp: -15 to 50 °C

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