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hAP ax² is a Generation 6 version of the legendary hAP ac². With PoE-in and PoE-out, much faster wireless, more RAM, and a modern CPU. The smallest fully-fledged AX router on the market! Wireless signal is now stronger than ever.Here are the two main ingredients of hAP ax’s success: a state-of-the-art dual-band, dual-chain 4-4.5 dBi radio, and the 802.11ax standard with Wave2 support. Let’s compare it to the previous generation: depending on your overall setup, that means up to 40% higher speed in the 5 GHz and up to 90% higher speed in the 2.4 GHz spectrum! The modern quad-core CPU running at 864 MHz combined with a solid GB of RAM packs a hefty punch when it comes to heavy operations like complex firewall rules, IPsec hardware encryption, using more threads or experimenting with the most advanced RouterOS features. And with the addition of WPA3 advanced encryption support, you’re safer than ever before.

CPU Quad-Core IPQ-6010 864 MHz
Size of RAM 1 GB
Storage 128 MB, NAND
Number of 1GbE ports 5
Number of 1GbE ports with PoE-out 1
Wireless 2.4 GHz 802.11ax dual-chain, 5 GHz 802.11 802.11ax dual-chain
Wireless antenna max gain 2.4 GHz (4.5 dBi), 5 GHz (4 dBi)

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