FIBERHOME 24J DAC, single tube, diameter 6.2 mm, G.652D

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FIBERHOME 24J DAC, single tube, diameter 6.2 mm, G.652D

The FIBERHOME 24J DAC fiber optic cable  is a cable dedicated to be laid directly in the ground. Cable sheath made of PE (orange), resistant to water, salt solution, acids, lyes, alcohols and gasoline. The cable is characterized by high crushing strength (up to 1.2 kN) and tensile strength (up to 1.2 kN) . The strength of the cable is ensured by glass fibers and two FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rods embedded in the outer sheath. The optical fibers are contained in a loose tube filled with a hydrophobic gel that protects them against the penetration of water molecules. The cable is completely dielectric and resistant to UV radiation. One ripcord has been used to facilitate the removal of the outer shell. G.652D fibersThey are characterized by a lowered “water peak”, and the minimum bend radius of the cable is 62 mm.


  • Fibers: G.652D
  •  Number of fibers: 24
  •  Number of tubes: 1
  •  Outer diameter: 6.2 mm
  •  Minimum bending radius: 62 mm
  •  Weight: 35 kg / km
  •  Temperature range of use: from – 40 [° C] up to 70 [° C]
  •  Installation temperature range: from 0 [° C] to 35 [° C]
  •  Crushing strength: up to 1.2 kN
  •  Tensile strength: up to 1.2 kN

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