Fiber optic flat Telcoline FTTH 2J (white, LSZH) REINFORCED 1000m

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Fiber optic cable Telcoline FTTH 2J is a cable suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications (resistant to UV rays, wide range of acceptable ambient temperature). The cable contains two ARP (Aramid Reinforced Polymer) rods embedded in the outer layer, which strengthen the cable and protect the fibers from damage.
The cable has aramid reinforcement .
G.657A1 fibers fully comply with the G.652D standard.

Technical parameters:

  • Fiber type: G.657A1;
  • Number of fibers: 2;
  • Attenuation [dB / km]: For 1310nm: <0.34, For 1550nm: <0.21;
  • Crush resistance: 2000N / 100mm;
  • Outer shell: LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) ,Resistant to UV radiation, White color;
  • Minimum bending radius [mm]: 10;
  • Destiny: Outdoor installations, Internal installations;
  • General parameters Dimensions (width x thickness) [mm]: 3 x 2;
  • Weight [kg / km]: 10;
  • Working conditions: Ambient temperature: -20 to 60 [° C].

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