Detector DH01Y0—GE—1810 (Standard Lens)

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Detector DH01Y0—GE—1810 (Standard Lens) is battery powered camera that is triggered by motion detection or tamper sensor. It can also be activated at preconfigured times set by an operator. Reconeyez detector uses passive infrared (PIR) sensor and signal analysis to track thermal signature across the monitored area. If motion is detected an alarm is generated and the camera is activated.

Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C
IP rating X7 (waterproof)
Weight (including battery) 700g
Dimensions 85x120x100mm
Colour NATO Green (RAL6014)
Maximum detection range 35M
Detection angles standard 13° @ 30.5M, 28° @ 18.3M, 43° @ 10.7M, 154° @ 2.2M
Minimum alarm interval Configurable (default 0s – limited by camera to ~1.5s)
Sensitivity Configurable

Includes 1 x Battery

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