Mini Excavator 1.0 PRO Breakable Arm

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Engine type: Diesel, single-cylinder, air-cooled, EURO 5
Brand, engine model: Koop 192F, volume 499cc, compression ratio 19.5:1
Engine power: 7kW EURO V./ 3000rpm
Starting method: Electric 12V
Max. working slope: 20°
Hydraulic pressure: 160 bar
Hydraulic oil flow: 16.6L/min
Feed speed: 1 speed, 1.3km/h
Fuel tank: 11L
Hydraulic oil tank: 16L
Main pump: KDK (gear)
Turning motor: ZMP-1-200
Track drive motor: EATON
ADJUSTABLE CHASSIS: from 800mm to 954mm
Digging basket size: 0.025cbm (400mm)

Excavator weight: 930kg
Max. digging radius on the ground: 3039 mm
Max. digging depth: 1570 mm
Max. digging height: 2620 mm
Max. unloading height: 1870 mm
Max. lifting height of alignment plate: 141 mm
Min. turning radius: 1510 mm
Platform height from the ground: 460 mm
Transport length: 2850 mm
Track length: 1235 mm
Track width: 180 mm
Track height: 320 mm


Track rubber
Pre-installation for hammer and leveling kibble with cylinder
Excavation qibla 400 mm
Service tool set
Material for the first service (oil filter, air filter, fuel filter)

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