ZTT 12J universal, unitube, 5.2mm, G.652D

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Universal fiber optic cables ZTT 2-24Jare dielectric cables with a single-tube structure intended for overhead installations on spans up to 60 meters and in telecommunication sewage systems. They are reinforced with glass fibers and two 0.58mm FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rods embedded in the outer layer. Single-mode G.652D fibers with a reduced “water peak” (Zero Water Peak) were used. The fibers are located in a central tube filled with a hydrophobic gel protecting them against moisture and vibration. The outer shell is made of high-density HDPE polyethylene (black), resistant to chemical factors in the sewage system, UV radiation and low and high temperatures (from -40 [° C] to 70 [° C]). The outer diameter of the wires is in the range of 5.2-6.2 mm, and the maximum installation stress is 800N. A double ripcord has been used to facilitate the removal of the outer shell.

 Internal installations
– Telecommunication sewage system

– Fiber type: G.652D
– Number of fibers: 12
– Number of tubes: 1
– Tube diameter: 2 mm
– Outer diameter: 5.2 mm
– Minimum bending radius: 52 mm
– Maximum tension force : 800 N
– Pressure strength at 10cm: 1000 N
– Weight: 24 kg / km
– Outer sheath: HDPE – black
– Operating temperature range: -40 [° C] – +70 [° C]
– Installation temperature range: -30 [° C] – +60 [° C]

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