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TELCOLINE MultiMode 12G OM3 fiber optic cable is a universal cable with a single-tube construction reinforced with glass fibers. The cable can be laid in sewage systems, cable pipes, conduits or directly in the ground, as long as it is not directly exposed to mechanical damage. The outer shell is made of LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) material that does not emit harmful gases and does not support flame during fire, resistant to UV radiation as well as low and high temperatures. Fiber optic fibers are located in a central tube filled with a hydrophobic gel protecting them against moisture and vibration. Multimode fibers of the OM3 50/125 μm type were used, which guarantee transmission at 10 Gb / s at a distance of 500 m and up to 100 Gb / s at a distance of 150 m. The cable is completely dielectric and longitudinally waterproof.

– Fiber type: Multimode
– Fiber type: OM3 50/125 μm
– Number of fibers: 12
– Number of tubes: 1
– Cable diameter: 6 mm
– Tube diameter: 2.4 mm
– Minimum bend radius: 60 mm
– Max. Installation force: 1.5 kN
– Pressure resistance: 2 kN / dm
– Reinforcing elements: glass fibers
– Coating: LSOH, black
– Weight: 40 kg / km

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