LSA lay-on tool DIGITUS

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LSA lay-on tool

With pull-out hook and release blade

  • For the installation and maintenance of network cables on data connection boxes or patch panels, the LSA lay-on tools from DIGITUS are the ideal companions for your order.
  • As soon as the wires of the Ethernet cable have been exposed with the help of a stripping tool and the shielding has been laid aside and twisted, the individual wires are ready for assembly.
  • After the cable core has been positioned over the correct location of the insulation displacement connector, the core can be pressed in with the insertion tool – the protruding cable end is automatically cut off.
  • The procedure must be repeated until all 8 wires of a LAN cable are connected to the LSA bar of a patch field or a network socket.
  • With the help of the pull-out hook and the release blade you can remove already patched cable cores from the LSA bar if you ever made a mistake.

The DIGITUS® LSA lay-on tool is the ideal tool for installing cables in LSA strips. By simultaneously pushing in the cables and cutting off the protruding cable ends, as well as the practical pull-out hook and the release blade, it is the ideal addition to your tool inventory. The delivery takes place in a protective synthetic leather bag.

Technical details

  • Area of ​​application: For cutting off protruding cable ends in insulation displacement terminals
  • General characteristics:
  • Delivery including artificial leather bag
  • With pull-out hook and release blade
  • USB-C products: no

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