Fiberglass remote control FRP for pulling cables Ø13mm, 200m, yellow

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Remote control for pulling cables made of fiberglass FRP with a diameter of 13 mm and a length of 200 meters placed on a special stand to facilitate its development. Fiber with high elasticity and resistance to bending and tearing, coated with yellow PE plastic, which has a protective function and provides good sliding properties. Fiber frame powder-coated in blue and a special “eye” to guide the fiber. The design of the stand ensures functional transport, storage and use. Fiber tip ended with a guide head.

– Pulling wires between telecommunication chambers
– Pushing cables under roads
– Installations in suspended ceilings
– Cleaning, clearing pipes, culverts, sewage systems
– Cable entry into casing pipes

Technical data:

– Outside diameter (with cover): 13 mm
– Length: 200 m
– Weight (with frame): approx. 58 kg
– Gross weight : approx. 60 kg
– Dimensions max: 115x50x125 cm
– Wheel diameter: 20 cm

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