Fiberglass remote control FRP for pulling cables Ø11mm, 150m, yellow

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Cable pull remote made of FRP fiberglass with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of 150 meters placed on a special stand with wheels to facilitate its development. Fiber with high elasticity and resistance to bending and tearing, covered with yellow PE plastic, which has a protective function and provides good sliding properties. The frame is powder coated in blue, equipped with a special “eye” to make it easier to guide the fiber. (photo No. 2). The structure of the stand provides functional transport, storage and the use itself. The end of the fiber ends with a guiding head (photo no. 3).

– Pulling cables and wires between telecommunication chambers
– Pushing cables under roads
– Installations in suspended ceilings
– Cleaning, clearing pipes, culverts, sewage systems
– Inserting cables into casing pipes

Technical data:
– Outer diameter (with cover): mm
– Length: 150 m
– Weight (with a rack): approx. 38.5 kg
– Weight with packaging: approx. 39.5 kg
– Max dimensions: 115x50x125 cm
– Wheel diameter: 20 cm

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