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TELCOLINE GFP-2A fiber optic muff, 1 input, 2 outputs

The TELCOLINE GFP-2A fiber optic  coupling is a small device with the option of inserting one bus cable and outputting 2 subscriber cables. The construction of the muff allows for a small supply of small diameter cable, 4 fiber optic splices and the installation of two SC simplex or LC duplex adapters. The holes for the input / output wires have removable, rubber seals with the possibility of passing through to a specific diameter of the cable entering or leaving the device. The sealed housing is made of PC plastic resistant to dust, moisture and chemical pollution. The configuration of mounting elements and the method of closing the housing allows easy access in the event of the need for maintenance or installation of new system components. 
– Dimensions: 166x120x28 mm
– Weight: 0.2 kg
– Material: PC
– Color: White
– Tilted weld tray: max. 4 welds
– Number of adapters: 2 (SC Simplex / LC Duplex)
– Protection class: IP65.

– Splice shields: 2
– Screws, mounting pins: 3
– Key for closing the muff
– Insulating tape 

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