Distribution Box TELCOLINE 16G black

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Distribution Box TELCOLINE 16G black

Product description:
The TELCOLINE suspended switch box has two inputs for bus cables and 16 outputs for subscriber cables. It has been designed for wall or pole mounting. Its design allows easy assembly of splitters and adapters as well as good access to welding and fiber organization. The sealed housing is made of high quality plastic resistant to water, dust, moisture and chemical pollution, UV radiation and temperature (-40 ° C … + 60 ° C). The configuration of mounting elements and the method of closing the housing allows easy access in the event of the need for maintenance or installation of new system components. The twisted bus cable entries allow the installation of a distribution cable without cutting all the fibers.

•  Mainly used in FFTH and FTTB projects.

Technical data:
• Dimensions: 95mm x 230mm (+ 9mm lock) x 300mm
• Weight: about 1.7 kg
•  Working temperature in the range -40 ° ~ + 60 ° C
•  Splice tray integrated – tiltable
• Additional space for braiding the fibers under the integrated tray
•  Degree of protection: IP65
• Color: black

Kit components:
•  Splice covers
•  Plastic hose clamps
•  Protective tube for distributing fibers
•  Wall plugs and screws
•  Door closing key
• Insulating tape

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