Cat 5e patch cable adapter, 2xcat 5e DIGITUS

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CAT 5e patch cable adapter, 2x CAT 5e, shielded PC-PC, 2x RJ45 female to 1x RJ45 male, 0.19 m DN-93904

2x CAT 5e (PC-PC)

The shielded patch cable adapters consist of two RJ45 sockets and a 0.19 m long patch cord with RJ45 plug. They are available in different versions, which are individualized to the application area each by their different pin assignment

Technical details

  • 2x RJ45 socket to 1x RJ45 plug
  • The patch cable has an anti-kink sleeve with strain relief and locking lever protection
  • Pin assignment: 1-1: 2-2: 3-3: 4-1: 5-2: 6-6: 7-3: 8-6
  • USB-C products: no

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