Cable clamp for cables 3-8mm 4kN

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Product description:
The extraction clamp is designed for hanging round unsupported cables (3-8mm diameter). The purpose of the extraction clamps is to tension the ADSS cables between the spans. The haul-offs enable the line endings and its tensioning to be realized. Thanks to the rigid grip, the distance from the bracket is always identical, and the cable is always hung at the same angle to the bracket. The complete extraction consists of the following elements: – rigid handle made of stainless steel Ø2.5mm. – A thermoplastic element in the form of a body and internal blocking wedges ensuring resistance to harsh weather conditions.
• Suspension of unsupported round cables between spans.
Technical data:
• Handle: rigid stainless steel Ø2.5mm
• The length of the handle to the body: 180mm
• Mechanical strength: 4kN
• Range of cable dimensions: 3mm-8mm
• Tool-free assembly ensures quick and efficient installation
• Universal fastening with the use of a bracket mounted on a pillar foundation.
• Body and Wedge: thermoplastic material of high quality and mechanical resistance as well as weather conditions, UV resistant.

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